I am nobody if I dont have some-buddy

Of all the things, good or bad, true or false, right or wrong, that I remember from December 2008 grilling interview sessions, one question that is rigidly etched on the murals of my brain-wall is

"What do you think is your weakness?"

I could not think of it then, not that I never had one, I always had many. But one that is presently exposing itelf to me is, my over-dependency on others. I cant do one thing alone. I cant take any step without a proper counsel. I am nobody if I dont have some-buddy. I rely too much on others. And, yes I am learning. I have learnt a very important lesson after being alone in this wretched city. In the end, even if you most certainly believe that someone would not leave you on the way, that someone you thought would be with you forever, that someone would always understand if something is wrong with you, you would be left alone eventually. You cannot rely that much on anyone, its all an illusion. And the longer you retain this illusion, the harder it is when this bubble breaks.........

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