Walking the Straight Line called Life!!

Watching the dew drops slip
Licking the cusp of the cocktail glass
Life displayed its colors to me
And it’s true meaning at last

Life is a cocktail my friend,
To drink it, is to live
Flaming like hell at some time
At other times it would just chill

Life ain’t as sweet as wine
Won’t get better as you age
Life ain’t as cool as beer
Won’t be as smooth at every stage

Life ain’t as transparent as Vodka
Won’t mellow you down when times are hard
Life ain’t as fleeting as Tequila
Would make you endure when you wish to discard

It is a blend of all the drinks
Don’t search for the perfect proportion
It all depends on the order you have placed
A drop more misery, a drop less salvation

And it’s in people dreams, I think
The quest for the ultimate blend
And they mix and match, day and night
Lost in a game which has no end

It hurts me to think about these people
Who are still searching for the drink they’ll prefer
Wasted, stoned, intoxicated they hopelessly fall
Not knowing, that life doesn’t give a One+One offer
It feels strange to think it this way
When I have everything I need, my mind still would pray
Yearning for the greener grass on my neighbor’s clay
And still mixing the drinks in utter dismay

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