How to Rhyme, a Case Study…

Rhyme Sublime

I wish that this would never end

Your smile divine, the way you bend

The shy glances that you impend

I wish that this would never end

I wish that it would be true

That you’ll be with me, and I with you

And yes, I believe that you have no clue

How much I wish, for this to be true

I wish that I could ask you out

Just one time, let my love to sprout

But still these are things, I can do nothing about

No matter how much I wish, that I ask you out





I wish that it wouldn’t end this way

I stand here alone, in utter dismay

When I held your hand, you shirked it away

I seriously wish that it wouldn’t end this way

I wish that painkillers could do more

Never felt this kind of pain before

I still feel I’ll care for you evermore

Never want to face a pain that I cant endure

It’s not that simple, now I see

You never always get, what you need

No matter how hard you want it to be

In the end, your heart has got to bleed

Cause its life’s way to go up and down

You get some things, the rest drain out

So whenever on the way, something goes wrong

Just leave it behind, and flow along……

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