And I thought, I had a Friend....

I burned like hell
To keep you cool
But now I have realized
I was a Big Fool
While I melted like a candle
You couldn’t even bend
And I had thought
I had a friend

I had suffered long
To keep you remote
From all the tensions
And thoughts forlorn
Never asked for a favor in return
But a sympathetic gratitude
But all I had was a cold reply
In my times of solitude
While I prayed and apologized
You did nothing to mend
And I had thought
I had a friend

Never wanted to give it up
Even though you had made it clear
That I wasn’t important enough
That I was no longer dear
Still, I was very optimistic
And thought, we’ll pass this phase
But you had other plans
Of digging the already dug graves
Never want to live those times
The times, I wasted on you
With my efforts ending futile
Life is unfair; you made it look so true
While I took every pain to feel
You never tried to comprehend
And I had thought
I had a friend
And I had thought
I had a friend….


Abhimanyu said...

wow .. thats well written
i just hope that so called friend isnt me :)
so full of emotions .. great

Palwasha said...

very well written. i love it. reblogging and linking to your blog.