Two Steps behind……

The minds of that reckless driver

And the stipulated mind, still so clueless

Withheld in its uptown glory

The eyes of that Basilisk

Killing them when you, not see

But when they see you

The fear engraved in that fishy smile

Curving a concave to the nose

Murdering with brutal force

Well well well, now you think you get it

And also that you don’t

The day that you’ll break it

And then mend to save it all

When you tighten your shoulders to survive

Ricocheting then to the ground to crawl

While you bend to touch my feet

And pulled it, musing my great fall

Hoping against hope, about living

While severing heads in a maul

I care for everything related to you

Big, or no matter how small

An evanescence of you turning back and smiling

Keeps me fresh and happy, all day long

Your cries and tears, like an acid flow

Floods, scalds my heart and soul

Whenever you are stuck beyond freedom

Don’t miss out, give me a call

I'll be standing two steps behind, waiting

Firm and steady like a wall………

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