Coming Back To Life....

The horizon galored on the sea-edge, the sea waves noshed the volatile sand, the gulls collated in the bloody sky...all with their dynamic aura ridiculed the statued disposition of the turtle. Cohered to his eggs, he yearns the sea, but is tied by the boundaries that require him to savor even the harshest hardships with utmost pleasure. Burdened by the bony shell and the responsibility of carrying over his generation, he stands guard from any danger that the egg might face. The sun condescended over the skies and incinerated everything that it could see. The waves crossed their last ascent and kissed the turtle. The turtle tried to grab on to the water, but was left alone in the desert that followed, the coolness of the sea drops on his nose still tormenting his interiors. He remembered his days in the seas, those days when his thoughts flew like a wild horse, with no boundaries and no ropes tying them. How cool the water used to feel then, how all his movements were so greased that he flew in the ocean with perpetually no frictions, how he used to play around with his friends, how he used to relish the warmth of the sun above the waters, and when he used to feel hot, he used to dip down again with the sea embracing him and veiling him against the sun’s rays. He had heard a lot of stories about the horizon and was captivated by its beauty. He used to go up and see horizon all round him and from then he made it his aim to reach there and one fateful day, began his journey.

His thoughts were broken with another advent of the sea splashing him. A tear drop fell from his eyes, vaporizing in the hot sand. And now he thought, everything has changed. The very same water that held him so very motherly, teased him every now and then. The sun that looked so very harmless from under the sea, now was engulfing his flesh and his spirits. And his free mind and movement had now been tied to the ground by the rough sand and by the fear of losing what he has now. The search of horizon had truly misled him into the wrong way and now he realized that there is no horizon after all. It all ends up in same way it ended for me, the same sand and rocks and the sun.

The impetuous waves heaved again and this time wetted him completely. As though cleansed with the water, he opened his eyes and thought,” Though I can’t go back and make a brand new start, I can start from now and make a brand new ending”. A tinge of happiness surfaced on his face. And he stood up, jerked off the sand from his shell and ran towards the sea shrieking with happiness.

Inspired by:
“Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
In a world of magnets and miracles
Our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary
The ringing of the division bell had begun…….
High hopes, Pink Floyd

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