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There could not have been a better time to think about all the intricate questions surrounding us, when I and my friend sat in the balcony during a wet summer night. And as is customary with the “Delhi Vidyut Department” on rainy days like these, the electricity was off, though this enhanced the essence of our debate. I don’t know which of us started this but we surely were heading to that realm of our discussion which no science could ever prove, in which every question had infinite conclusions, which required no PhD on any topic to base our theories on, and which even though could be discussed all night long would never bring any change in our so very purposeless and microscopic lives. “Everything is useless”, he said. So it is. I believe in the notion too. We live and we die, it’s as simple as that. There is no purpose in living or in dying either. When somebody dies, what do we say about his life, what change happened in the world from the moment when he was living and the moment when he died. Some say that he helped everyone nearby him and did some great works or made a scientific theory that revolutionized the world….But all that is useless, because what all change the person brought is merely a change in the useless lives of others. So in all, every step of life is merely a choice between two useless options. When we say that we eat food, it’s merely a choice between the two useless options: To eat or not to eat. And we always choose the former one.

Ahmmmm….Another question. Why do we always choose the former option? When we are hungry, why is that we always have this eagerness to eat, even though both the options are equally useless. Both of us pause for a while. It was now that we were broadening our scope of thinking, our minds trying to find some explanation about everything illogical around us-say, the infinite nature of the universe or what happens once we die? I have always wondered and tried to reason out the logic behind the theory of Big Bang. It says that the universe once was a very dense point which exploded many centuries ago and formed the universe we are living in right now. Now, if the universe was a dense point, where exactly was this point present, or in which medium was it floating on, or if we could define the dimensions of the point, what was present outside those dimensions. And now we say that the universe is expanding and increasing in size. But what is it increasing on?

This is how Stephen Hawking began “A Brief History of Time”

A little old lady at the back of the room got up and said:”The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.” The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, “What is the tortoise standing on.” “You’re very clever, young man, very clever,” said the old lady. “But it’s turtles all the way down!”

That is it, I thought. If you remember a little programming, there is a simple method to solve some of the problems called Recursion, you would clearly understand what I write ahead.
(*/A Simple Recursion Example/*
define function(n)
{ If n=1 then return 1 else return function(n-1)+1}
call function 2

Everything defined in the universe (and I mean EVERYTHING) follows the basic fundamentals of Recursion. EVERYTHING is recursion done infinitely, both increasing infinity and decreasing infinity. My every doubt started fading away as soon as I thought of EVERYTHING in this way. The infinite universe can be thought of simply as a sub-universe governed by a universe, which in turn is a sub universe of a still higher universe (too many universes there!!). In this way, we can in somewhat manner define the true infinite nature of the universe. And it also predicts how we can find a thing even smaller than the smallest thing you can imagine because the recursion is in both directions. (Although there is no visible proof for that)Our sub-universe is defined as the universe that we can see or visualize or understand, the rest (for example, the part of the universe outside the big bang emerging point) is another level of universe, that is not part of our sub universe, and we have no control over it. This theory also explains the simple existence of God.

Have you ever thought about your thoughts, that is how do you think them or in which language do you think them or if there is any language associated with them. I personally believe that I ‘think in Hindi’ (but still I am a little skeptic about that...). Now think about that new born child that has no sense of any language….. what must he be thinking or more importantly how is he thinking? Or think about any animal…… what must be going in it’s mind?(If there is something called 'Animal Mind') But still that child would always know that he has to cry when he is hungry or has to laugh when he is tickled. Shakespeare once said,” All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Intriguing….I thought.

Suddenly, I could link everything. What I deduced from this is that everything that is happening around us is a part of a sub universe, a sub universe that is governed by a universe that is a level above us. It’s just as if someone is playing a game with us and governs our every movement, feelings and emotions. We in our language call it God or any supernatural power which is present everywhere and has formed a “Method of Living” in our sub-universe. Every scientific law, every social norms, every earthly phenomenon has been made by that power. The urge to eat, to drink, to breathe all had been ways of how our power wanted us to exist. And in turn, in the same way as we are governed, we must be governing another sub universe that is a level below us. The fact that we are not aware about this, that we do govern, has been intended by our power. And we, ignorant of all this devised our own ways of justifying things. All the sciences developed and theories put forth by the very eminent scientists all over the world were a way of justifying the things we observed in our universe. Its just like our power is playing a game with us, like for example, all of us have played Super Mario on our computers or TVs. We completely rule over this guy named Mario, its just like we are his power and our universe is ruling over his universe. Mario thinks his aim or in broader terms his purpose of life is to save the princess. But to us-the power, this aim or purpose is completely useless, just like our life here is useless to our power. Mario cannot get out and affect our existence in our universe in any manner. Mario thinks his purpose of existence is to save the princess who herself has no purpose of existence so in all the existence of Mario serves no purpose and it is utterly useless for him to live, just like our existence here in our universe.

Phewwww!!! I felt cold. And as if I expected it to happen, the lights came on. Thank you My Power !!….To have given me this useless life and to have filled my brains with this crap. I picked up a beer from the fridge and ultimately dozed off, still feeling the cold from that discussion on the balcony.

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