Die, Die My Darling.....

I heard a thousand blended notes
While in a grove I sat reclined
In that sweet mood when her thoughts
Bring sad thoughts to the mind

To the”weaker sex”, did nature link
The manhood that through me ran
And much it grieved my heart to think
What a woman has made of a man

“You sick retard, you fanatic loon
You look like a tortured criminal
And yes, I don’t love you
Do you need any more signals?”

Oblivious to this repugnant malign shower
The man, never even tried to seethe
And it is my faith that every bachelor
Should enjoy the air it breathes

With the man turned a sissy,
Who cries wolf at the slightest provocation,
Bringing cash and kind for the missy
He himself leads a life of saintly satisfaction

If this transfiguration from heaven be sent
If such be the fate of every human clan
Have I not reason to lament
What a woman has made of a man

(Source: Written in Early Spring, William Wordsworth)

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