People Watch Them!!!

This is a story of a family of a popular (very popular) TV channel series, “Kasauti ghar ghar ke desh ki jisme nikla hoga wo chand jo kabhi suraj tha”…..

1) Families in this world have supernatural power, in a way that all of these have control over death. With grandmothers having produced generations of grandmothers, they simply refuse to die. And mainly, the power favors the female side, because most of the times either grandfather dies very soon or sometimes he is born dead. But the woman, no, they are here to stay, flaunting their superhuman strength, wearing expensive jewelries, maybe dyeing there hair (or may be not, if they retain that feature too), and wearing expensive sarees while they eat, sleep and even while cleaning there house.

2) Every family has a big mansion spreading for like acres and acres. But the important thing is that every family has only one servant serving them. He cooks food for each member of the family and cleans the house with a cloth (these families cannot afford a vacuum cleaner you see). He also has a very important say in every family decision, everyone respects his decisions. A Saas may declare her Bahu as infidel in every other episode, but the servant, the saintly figure can just never be wrong.

3) Reincarnations are all part of life. The men of this serial have had so many lives, even the cat with her nine lives looks cheated. And each time the person dies (or supposed dead) his body is never found. He always just has to crash his car in a jungle full of wild animals and gushing rivers or gorging valleys. And while the debris of the car is always found, the body is never.

4) Women of this family take decisions worth hundreds of crores of rupees while they work in the office. ”Sell that shares, buy that company, wait and watch”, are a few taglines they repeat. But while they are in home, God knows what happens to them, they cannot even bear one growl of there Saas. They are like just ready with there tear tanks ready to burst open.

5) The cameras used in telecasting this show have emotion sensors. Whenever somebody gets a flurry of some emotion, they’ll race towards that person and stop just before the striking distance. And while the cameras transverse, they make a peculiar noise, as if a small kid has been handed over a drum set, and has been ordered to play whenever the camera focuses on a person. The sound goes like THIDISHthidish..thidishthidish….echoing all the way to silence.

The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life. They have had pretty deep consequences on the common life of the people. These have resulted in about a 1000% increase in the sale of Glycerin and tissue papers. Also they’ve led to the growth of the classic singers, who had been pushed homeless with the modern rock music takeover. And on a micro level they have added havoc in my life, with my mother keeping the TV busy, I am forced to write this crap here. But the truth remains, People watch these shows. They have been watching for almost five years now. No matter how nauseating these shows are, People watch these shows. And Balaji telefilms have there reason of making more of these serials, you know why…..because People watch these shows. These producers win awards and prizes all year round, because People watch these shows. More and more people have entering this business of trying there lucks on getting a role on these shows, because People watch these shows. They are paid handsomely with the people in this business, earning more and more with each episode, because People watch these shows. And I wonder if there is anything wrong with me that I dislike these shows that very much, because People watch these shows.

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The Unknown??? said...

hey dude u gotta give me some credit of this as well....the music effects....atleast something eh...
but u have taken every bit in consideration...i hope one of those morons have a look at this!!!