Enter Sandman......


A sudden voice at the door resonated the fear in me. Bullied by the noise, I tried to take cover, tried to ignore the sound, but each stroke at the door, nudged me further down into apprehension of something evil nearby. With intimidated steps, I moved towards the door, the noise becoming more unbearable with each passing second. The spider webs covered the roof, with spiders hanging from them, viciously gorging the blood of a recent catch, and sniffing the fresh flesh somewhere nearby and suddenly, I thought it winked at me. It was like a circus in air, with some of them ropewalking and others jumping from one place to another like a trapeze artist, the fact that the rickety webs could give way at any moment, augmented the fear within my skin. The darkness in the room added to the horror of the atmosphere, the light bulbs covered with dust formed a ghostly halo over the bed sheet; the floor formed a figure indicating a vestige of a bloody murder here in recent times and the walls, buckled by the load of the roof, formed terrifying images with the permeable window shimmering with the light outside, adding in the essence of a perfect horror scenario. Another

THUD (17)

at the door shook me from the core, with my mind already reeling under the fear, the echoing noises, made me lose my control. I started tripping down and tried to grab on to the table. The infested table, was like a playground for the zillions of ants, they jumped onto my hand and I, well first let myself gain control and then jerked off the ants, with some flinty ants, refusing to let go, they resigned only after a good fight. I wanted to silence the unendurable noises from outside. I lied down on my bed and put a pillow on my head, trying desperately to silence the noise, but in vain. I couldn’t dare to just open the door, with such perils along the way from my bed to the door; I preferred to be a mute spectator. Each bang was like trying to pierce through one of my ear and forcing my brain through the other. Then I heard a thud noise, this time from my side of the walls. My eyes scrambled towards the origin of the noise and quickly spotted an escaping lizard that had fallen from the roof. A view of the lizard sent panic in my mind; a lizard is never a good omen. The light through the window seemed hazy with the lizard crash sending dust into the air that interfered with the light’s path.

THUD (109)….

This sound seemed a bit different, my visitor at the door had used a different tool to make the noise this time, probably a key or some wooden stick. But one thing was certain; he desperately wanted me to open the gate. With an audacious spirit, I again thought of venturing the dark room and opening the gate. I put my foot down on the floor, my bed creaked, and I was back again on the bed. A “creak” is just a normal sound, you hear it all day, but at a moment like this, it sent shivers down my spine. “Ok, it was just a creak, no big deal” I thought and again put my foot on the floor. The bed creaked again but the prayers in my head tried to supersede the sound. I prayed all the way to the door, under rickety webs, through a dusty path, passing the diseased table, lost my control twice over the dirty clothes and bed sheets lying on the floor, and finally managed to reach the door.


”Coming” I shrieked and unbolted the door. Chandan was outside, looking furious and no lesser than a ghost. “KYA KAR RAHA HAI.” He enters in.”Sharme, apna room saaf kar le yaar”.
“Haan yaar, aaj karta hun”, I replied at the unsolicited advice….

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