IITD-Nescafe Story

The day ends, a hard and tiring session of practical summed up with the morning lectures have taken the toll on the students. They return to their homes, droopy-eyed, heads facing the ground and shoulders sagging way below. The lecture-burnt travelers though get one sight to cherish, far in the distance; there is an oasis of sorts with people relinquishing their thirst with goblets of Ice-Tea and breaking there fasts with muffins and maggis. The sight itself seemed to pump their hearts with energy, their movement suddenly gained a bit of urgency, eye-sights riveted on the Frappe Machine and hands on their backs exploring the wallet for money. “Bhaiya, 3 Ice Tea aur 2 frappe dena”. The “Bhaiya” danced with the glass and pressed onto the Ice-Tea machine and the Ice-Tea cascaded down into the glass. He placed the order one by one onto the order table which the travelers picked and drank with an animal thirst, with no one waiting for that customary greeting of “CHEERS!!”

This is Nescafe for you—an oasis in this desert of a campus of IITD. Almost everyone that includes himself/herself a part of this college patronize these stores and owe to this place not just mere frappes and ice-teas but memories that would remain etched forever in their minds. A place for fun, a place for confessions, and a perfect place for those post-booze sessions that some of us quite enjoy, this college is “completely incomplete” without them. A birthday would not truly begin if the ceremony of “Birthday Bumps” is not completed. Carrying a deformed hind and a stinky aroma of ‘Dahi’ for the whole day, it constantly reminds the birthday boy that this day is indeed special. And then begins the treat, under the starry sky and under no snobbish delineation like that in a restaurant, you devour through Muffins and Croissants, giving that perfect start to ones birthday that he always wanted. Talking of perfect starts, this place also seems to be an ideal place for the sprouting relations of a couple. These couples are often found exchanging words and revealing secrets on these benches which oblige to them every kind of privacy they need.

In all, Nescafe has truly added a flavor in otherwise monotonous lives of ours. The frustration of not finding maggis in the late nights, the innocuous threats to “Bhaiya” when they delay the orders, the life awakening coffee in the mid-minors, all have been an important part of being an IITian and hopefully we would carry this along with the inexorable passage of time.
I would like to end by saying that Nescafe is not just another food stall; it has become a way of life for many of us.

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