The Gujarati effect...


Yet another day in Surat passed. It’s tiring having to drool around with nothing in mind; in fact it’s more tiring when you go at 9’o clock in the morning having a countdown ticker ticking in your mind, 8 hrs to five, four days to Sunday….


“Yes sir, it is already done leaving some routine checkup”.

“Yes sir, I have done that file you gave but Mr. Sharma hasn’t been able to mail me the final checklist”.

“You are right in saying this sir.”

“Where are your boots sir, Ill lick them clean for you sir.

It’s so very common here. Uptil now it was limited in TV serials or movies. And now to witness it so closely here in this office environment. I did see a lot of departments here, and I used to found at least one special class of people who would have such endless praises for somebody over him. He would have no work whatsoever but when the boss is there, it’s as if the whole company’s workload is over his shoulders. He will try to show strange urgencies, would rebuke his juniors, or just sit in his cubicle trying hard to think of some superb plan to grow the company. But as soon as the boss is gone again everything changes. His arms crossed, he will rub the itch on his ass, he’ll pick his phone, bite his nails, be the first one to get up at the cry of the Chai Wala, would play Solitaire(which is by the way, the most played game here in Gujarat) or just sleep over the keyboard, with the notepad file going berserk as the text grows with the pressure of his head on the keys.


Mrs Shah(on phone): Can you give the receiver to Mr. Shah please.

Mr. Bodalwala: Yaa sure ma’am

Mr. Shah: Yes

Mrs. Shah: Yes dear, can you please get the kids from the school today, I have to go to meet Mr. Tyrewala to get your car repaired.

Mr. Shah: What kids maam?

Mrs. Shah: What the….. Enough with your jokes, do bring the kids sharp at 1 from the school, chalo I am in a hurry, bye(keeps the receiver down)

Mr. Shah: Arey…What was that?

Mr. Shah(2): Kya huya Mr. Shah, any problem?

Mr. Shah: Nahi Mr. Shah, this lady just called and said that I needed to get her kids from the school today at 1. The woman of today, I pity her husband, the poor soul.

Mr. Shah(2): May be it was a wrong number. But still, the woman of today. They will smother there husbands with everything if they could. My wife is good in this sense by the way. She wakes up every morning, tea, breakfast. She even dropped me today morning because my car broke down yesterday. She is a sweetheart really.

Mr. Shah: Ahmmm…

Yes, you should have skipped this crappy crap that I have written above. You see, all I want to say is, how this place is filled with Gujaratis with names so similar, you cannot even recall who was who. Jignesh, Rajesh, Alpesh….And similar second names…something wala, Shah, Desai…..help me somebody. This weather is irritating enough alone, adding to that Gujaratis, I hate em, I hate em……


The wind lashed my curtains with brute force. The colour of the sky outside hinted of a rainfall soon. Somehow it’s the start of something that has the most intense effect. A dogs growl is always more fearful than the bark, the river is the fastest at its source; the sun looks the best when it rises. And here I am standing at the altar of a balcony welcoming the monsoons. The rain hasn’t come yet, but the wind is sending the message about the rain approaching. The feel of the cool wind caressing my whole body, the sweet smell of the moist winds………….its just inexplicable. The view from the ninth floor of this apartment looks like a Agrabah of my mind. Tiny jigsaws of small houses, fitting with each other, cloths fluttering, ant like people walking, I watch on as the song in my I-Pod changes. A few tall flats stand abut with mine in an attention position. It looks as if here lays an (St)Airway to Heaven, inviting. The rain starts falling, the first drop, the second…and then an endless shower. And as if it sqeezed the scent out of the dry sand…Aaah, truly the sweetest smell in the world. It grew dark under the clouds. Suddenly the street lights lit up in harmony as though rejoicing the arrival of the rains, going like a wave on the road and disappearing into the horizon. The song changes again to……Coming Back to life……

I sure am……

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