Goodbye Blue Sky......

So, it’s finally over. While the new 10,000 mass of ‘spectacled’ eyes witnessed their dreams realize reality on this day of 25th May (IIT JEE Results), I quietly slipped out unacknowledged, with an Alumni Form in my hand. And yes it was my dream too, to go to IIT and get a good profession and make a big name of myself, I only never want this dream to be fulfilled, damn I wanted to stay here. My mind with a still a long list of should-have-dones and must-have-dones and should-nots, I feel I could have have never got enough from this place.

And now I move from KumAON to AON, from Delhi to Bangalore, from mates to peers, from spending to earning, from jeans to suits, from professors to Bosses, from strolling to chasing, and most of all, from having a life to making a living. And I do believe that I have grown up to be the person who will adapt well to this ‘turn of affairs’. Yes, I have grown up, I have seen quite a lot already. And yet, my mind still disagrees. The fact that I don’t want to change, that I don’t want to leave my present life, the fact that I still want to play AOE, I still want a window seat in a train journey, I still like playing football in rain, I still pick my nose now and then, and also the fact that I still look like a child, makes me wonder that while I moved on to experience the world, I held the wrist of my child and took him along. While the kid in me eventually vanished, the child grew to be childer.
No more Entry no.-2005ME10468. The IIT time has gone. The experience of staying in the beautiful city of Delhi has gone. The time to roam in the streets at 3 in the morning has gone. The night-outs have gone, the afternoon-sleep has gone. The freedom of doing whatever you wish to has gone. The time of screaming and rejoicing in unison has gone. The points, the leads, the trophies have gone. THE life has gone.

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ILL[EAGLE] said...

abe pics bahut achchi hai mujhe bhi forward kar!!!

hmm.. kuch karna padega.. aise to life fighter ho jayegi..!