Air Drumming--Make yourself heard---or seen, whatever

"Once in a while a person comes along who holds on to its beat, no matter how hard the world beats back" -Adventures of Power

Out of all the "bands" that I have represented, out of all the performances that I have had "mesmerized" people with(could I BE more modest!!!), there can be nothing in comparison to the day I got to talk to a girl while playing Drums in Hard Rock Cafe. Did I say Drums, I meant Air-Drums. Oh, common, all you shruggers who are just about to shrug the most novel, the utmost of all musical theories, the experience of making an impact with, but your hands and no 'sticks' attached, the joy of rolling those fingers to gesticulate that you couldn't have cared less about the people nearby doubting your sanity and a total neglect to your internal turmoil of not being able to show the world that,"Yes, I have heard this song, its great". Please dont tell me, that you havent tried them yourelves, every single one of us has, now or then, on the advent of their best songs, have twitched their hands to spare a bit of rolls to the air, be it in front of the mirror by yourself or in a bar amongst people. And those of us, like me, who really comprehend the joy of (air)drumming from their hearts, understand, that yes, this guy might not know how to play Drums, but just look at the way he is Air-Drumming.No age long practice, no tuning, no long hours of trying to get the best sound out of the Toms, its all in your head, the more you enjoy it, the better the sound. Headbanging is stupidity. Better bang your head on the wall instead. The joy is essentially in making the music, rather than following it. What fun lies beneath the attempt to time the fall of your hand with the sound of the snare, the joy of fisting your fingers and completing the end roll and then hitting the crash with your head bowed. Thats NIRVANA for you right there.

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अभिनव भारद्वाज said...

no doubt all of us have done air drumming...

nicely spotted situation..! sharmaji..