A simple word with a simple meaning. We all have had it in our lives, and have seen it in others as well.
A comeback is what constitutes
our history,
our theologies,
our inspiring fables,
our sports,
our heroes,
our superheroes,
our movies,
our personal victories,
our future,
our politics,
our friends,peers,our enemies,
our idiosyncrasies,

Something that is omnipresent, something that transcends its own meaning. A comeback is just not a positive turn of affairs. A comeback is good for one, bad for another, though never usually a zero sum game. A comeback is like fog, it always feels like we are approaching it, without actually understanding that we are already inside it. A comeback is a traffic jam, we think it is their because of others, without acknowledging that we are a part of it. A comeback is an oceanic wave, inexorably stubborn with its presence. A comeback is unique every time. A comeback is subjective. A comeback is knowing there is no coming back. A comeback is transient. A comeback begets comeback. A setback begets comeback, a comeback begets setback. Here's commemorating the "birth" of comeback.....

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