The Entertainer

As I walked on the Bath Abbey streets, I saw a group of tourists huddling together near the entrance to the Roman Bath Museum. Intrigued by the commotion, I walked towards the crowd. It seemed like a street play something show was going on. As I peeped through the crowd, I saw that the stage was empty with everyone shouting and howling for someone on the stage whom I was not able to find. "Has this guy made himself invisible??", I thought. Suddenly
a man from the crowd emerged and started laughing with the crowd joining him.
Entertainer: If you have just joined us, I just did a trick which is called the, "Bee on the Honey". It took me a while to understand the trick and soon as I got it, I joined the crowd in their appraisal for it.
Entertainer: Now for my next trick, I'll need two people from the audience please. Yes, you in the black shirt over there, and you standing there in the back, come up. The two men made their way towards the entertainer and all three shared handshakes with each other. Then the entertainer gave a knife to each of the persons and kept one for himself.
Entertainer: Now I'll try to juggle three knives together. I havent done this before so please anyone who has the ambulance number on his or her speed dial, please come on the stage.
An over enthusiastic girl from the audience, lurched forward with the mobile in her hand. The entertainer didn't expect this.
Entertainer:(to the girl) It feels a lot better with you on my side. Everyone laughed.
Entertainer: Now to show, how sharp these knives are, can I have a child from the audience? Again everyone laughs. The trick took a while and soon the event reached its conclusion.
Entertainer: You have been really generous to me for the past half an hour. And now, as I go its time for me to bid my farewell. You gave me your time, and I thank you. You gave me your laughter, and I thank you. Now its time, for you to give me your money. If you give me 5 pounds, you'll make me happy. If you give me 10 pounds, you'll make me very happy. And if you were to give me 20 pounds..............I'll make you happy.
The crowd laughed again and started leaving.
Entertainer:No, dont leave. This is my job. This is what I do for a living. So please all of you, put your hands in your pockets, or someone else's, and take out three or four pounds..................................and give me the rest. If someone of you is not from England and dont know what a pound looks like,.....its the blue paper one.
The crowd started to move forward and paid according to there satisfaction. It was a nice evening. He made my day and I know plenty others who would agree with me. Nice Profession indeed-Entertaining people....

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