Coz it Doesnt Remind Me of Anything....

They lie within the deepest abyss depths of our hearts, their importance in our lives occupy such magnitudes of our every emotions and feelings, their hefty natures, without them it seems that the biggest chunk of our way of life diminishes, such are the small trifling happy moments, the small tickling activities in which we spend most of our time and that inundate the evanescence of bigger happier reasons, that defines the not-so-subtle justification of a smile bearing the magnum opus of God’s creation while a laughter, brooding of discontent. They come and go, only to return, and their mark on our memories seems so very rejuvenating and heavenly that they diminish every melancholic frenzy that engulfs our mind. Yet, they are dismissed under the authority of sudden spikes of bigger and influential reasons of happiness. Only if we could acknowledge their strength, their impact, then can we really make each of these smaller happy moments fill up our lives with unbound memories. So, here is an ode to all those small happy moments:
Banta on a hot summer afternoon
Stapling out pins from the stapler
See my self-created paper plane fly smooth
Home Made Rajma-Chawal
See the sun gleaming through dense scrubs
Finding something important lying under my bed that was lost
To have got a rupee more from some barter
To get a cup of tea after a wet rainy shower

"I like studying faces in a parking lot
Cause it doesn't remind me of anything
I like driving backwards in the fog
Cause it doesn?t remind me of anything......"
So Sang AudioSlave

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ILL[EAGLE] said...

I think the only intention of writing this blog has been achieved by you. [;)]