Lost TRUE LOVE....

Boy: Please darling, don’t leave me now, my career is like almost set, don’t leave me now

Girl: Listen, SHUT UP, you are a loser, that’s what you are, I don’t want to linked with someone as disgusting as you, you son of a bitch

Boy: Darling, why are you so pissed off with me, what did I do?

Girl: Nothing, that’s what the problem is, you do nothing, you just sit idle like a dog wagging its tail, get a life you asshole, you shit-eater.

Boy: Why are you doing this to me, have you forgotten those times when we used to…

Girl: Didn’t you get me, I am saying you to lay off…on your face. All I did was being nice to a person who had no friends because he was so unpopular, popular only as being so very unpopular, and you you…..you are an asshole, that’s all I know

The boy sobs. The girl kicks him. He falls down; she removes her heels and smashes it on his head….. twenty times. The boy cries…

Girl: Don’t be such a cry baby, it’s for your good only, the next time you will know your boundaries, you loser. Even God makes mistakes, he really must have had made you in a jiffy, he forgot to put brain inside your head, you ass-faced goon, you son of a bitch.

She smacks one last time on his head and then kicks with her other foot on his back and then starts to leave.

Boy: Please don’t go, what am I going to do without you?

The girl hurls a stone at him which strikes on his chin, blood oozing out from that. The boy cries a little more, and then stands up, all in sorrow of a lost true love.

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